City Council and the City Manager have both prioritized Black Male Achievement in Charlottesville. We are hoping that you will join us in our effort to “Change the Narrative” about Black men and boys in the city. While we are aware that everyone’s time is precious, the Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement believes that when we all utilize our individual talents and work together as a mighty fist, we can knock out the defeatist attitude of some, and empower our young men!

Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement is dedicated to tackling long-standing systemic barriers to Black Male Achievement so all Black boys and men have equal opportunity to lead successful and meaningful lives. Here you will find various resources and opportunities to connect with the Black Male Achievement field.


Young Black men have the expectation and opportunity to succeed.


The Alliance seeks to inspire and recognize Black Male excellence in Charlottesville by connecting and convening resources and fostering innovative efforts to expand opportunity for achievement.


  • The lives of young Black men matter.
  • Young Black men have the right to be heard, supported, and successful.
  • The ongoing support of our entire community is needed to create lasting change.
  • Young Black men are entitled to a quality education, justice, equal opportunities, and equitable access to resources.
  • The community will consistently recognize and celebrate the strengths and achievements of our young Black men.