My Brother’s Keeper

Objectives:The objectives of this sixth month curriculum are to:

    • Prepare Black Males ages 17-29 for work in the fields of skilled trades and computer technology;
    • Provide jobseekers with the necessary pre-employment skills and functions to be successful
    • Empower Black Males between 17-29 for success
  • Promote job retention and advancement


  • Attendance Required
    • Only one excused absence is acceptable
  • Be Punctual—Punctuality is a top priority. Training will start promptly at the designated time, please be present at that time.
  • Set Personal goals and objectives—You will be required to set personal goals and objectives that you want to get out of the training and for how you want to perform on the job.
  • Act responsibly—Take personal responsibility for yourself and achieving your goals and objectives.
    • Conduct yourself professionally at all times
    • Demonstrate that you want to be here
  • Finish what you start
  • Communicate openly and honestly—Employers often base their hiring decisions around this quality—there will be many opportunities to improve communication skills and boost confidence in this area.
  • Listen Actively—this skill is as important as communication in the workplace and is often the basis for shaping our thoughts and actions. You will be encouraged to listen for information and feelings.